Privacy policy

We at values your privacy. Hence, we do not collect any information that we do not need to collect.

The specific information collected by our services are listed below.

Searxng, Libreddit and Simply translate

We do not collect or store any information on users accessing our Searxng, Libreddit and Simply translate instance.

Piped and Hyperpipe

These services are proxied via Cloudflare to ensure better connection speeds. Hence, some data may be collected by Cloudflare when you access these sites. These services also have an account system, any information provided to us while using your account may be retained.

Services that requires authentication

This refers to services that uses our authentik instance for authentication. These services includes the Mailcow, Authentik, Nextcloud, Onlyoffice, and ZNC instances.

For these instances, personally identifiable information such as (but not limited to) IP address and your browser agent, may be stored and collected to ensure safety and prevent abuse.

Data sharing

We do not share or sell any data collected by us with third parties.